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In Store Specials

New Walther PPK/S Stainless In 22 lr. One Mag$478.55( 1 In Stock ) Used GSC MP5 Clone In 22 lr. With Two Mags$350.00 OTD( 1 In Stock ) New Olympic Arms Conversion Kit For AR-15 To 22 lr. With Mag Flattop And Rails$485.00 OTD( 1 In Stock ) New Taurus G 3 9mm Black WithTwo Mags$431.00 OTD(1 In Stock ) New Walther PPK/S Black 22 Lr. One MagThreaded Barrel$467.00 OTD( 1 In Stock ) New Heritage Rough Rider 6.5 and 4.75 22lr 6 Rounds Revolver Pin Up – 5$187.00 OTD( 2 In Stock ) New Citadel Boss 25 12 Ga. Semi Auto Shotgun 3 Inch 18.75 Black 2 Mags / 5 Round and 5 Chokes Included ( Colors $25.00 Extra Silver And FDE )$650.00 OTD( 2 In Stock )……….New Shipment Coming!!! Used Beretta 92 9mm Made in Italy With One Mag. $375.00 OTD( 1 In Stoc...  Read More

Merry Christmas

Kris and I would like to thank all the loyal customers of Lake Mountain Guns for making this first 4 months of our business absolutely awesome. Both in the concealed weapons classes and in the store we have met a lot of amazing people. We are grateful and happy to be in the business. From all of us here at Lake Mountain Guns we thank you for this amazing start and hope to continue to serve you. If there is anything you would like to see made different or services that you would appreciate please let us know. Kris can be emailed at:                         Craig can be emailed at:                         Have a happy New Year!  Merry Christmas!  Read More

SCCY Guns Price Increase

I called SCCY Guns today and they told me after the first of the year SCCY Guns are going to cost more money. This is due to a price increase at the factory in Florida. SCCY Guns said that the price increase will be about $11 per gun after January 1st 2018! This price increase will be passed on to all the gun distributors in the nation as well as the dealers themselves.  Read More

Make sure you use the right ammo for your gun!

A customer brought a 38 Special into the store the other day and said, "Why did this gun blow up?  Do you think it can be replaced?" I asked him, "What was happening when you were shooting it?"  He said, "I was just letting my girlfriend shoot it when it came apart." I asked him to show me the ammo he was shooting in the gun at the time and he handed me a box of 38 + p's. I looked at the gun on the barrel to see what ammo should be used in this gun. It was clearly marked "38 Special". If you have a 38 Special, by all means do not shoot plus p's in it, otherwise you will be looking at the same results this customer had. I told the customer he was lucky no one got hurt. Other incidents similar to this one have resulted in serious injur...  Read More